Charlotte Homeless Blanket Drive: We are collecting blankets for the homeless Please make sure blankets are new / clean and in a sealed plastic bag. Please contact Randy Carter for more information. Randy Carter (704) 292-7078
Mission Opportunities Right Now During This Pandemic:
1. Call someone from church, neighborhood, community, etc. (Many over the age of 60 can not go out right now to get things or talk to anyone. School kids are stuck at home and could use some conversation)
-Call and just be a friend.
– See if there is anything you can pick up for them (groceries, food, etc.)
– Tell them how they can stay up to date with the church and services
– Pray with them over the phone.
– If they have a smart phone you can facetime, skype, zoom, etc with them. There are many apps that we can use to stay in contact with each other and also see a familiar face.
2.  Pick up trash in your neighborhood and/or community. (wear gloves)
With take out food only and many still on the road we have noticed a larger amount of litter. Being out in the sun and getting fresh air is good for you and you could help the community.
3. Check on elderly and disabled to see if there is any yard work or etc. they might need done.
4. Shop and Eat at local small businesses.
Most small businesses restaurants have call in orders, car hop, and take out. Make sure you let the owners and workers know that you are praying for them and that we at Oak Hill Baptist Church are supporting them. You might have the opportunity to pray with them at that time. 
Make sure you tip also. Many waiters and waitresses have lost their job due to this pandemic.
5. Send a message to one of our EMS, FIRE, NURSES, POLICE OFFICER, and Sheriff Deputies. They are on the front line of this pandemic right now. Send them an encouraging Scripture, prayer, or an encouraging word.
Let’s be the hands and feet of Christ during this time.
All of our other mission opportunities are postponed right now. 
We are keep our ears open for areas we can serve our community, neighborhood, county, state, nation, and o the ends of the earth.